Why Jeeping? Why Us?

Jeeping is defiantly a must-do while you are in Telluride

Jeeping is defiantly a must-do while you are in Telluride. The jeeping experience can be family-friendly or not (for those looking for a slightly more thrilling time). One Ajax Off Road client explains how “we had the top off cruising up the mountain on 35’s, passing all the stock “grandpa” rental jeeps along the way!”

Jeeping is an interactive activity that genuinely offers a “choose your own adventure” day. You are entirely in control of where you go, how you go, and whom you go with. Don’t waste your time in crowded mountain tour trucks or guided walks of Telluride –experience what beauty this town has to offer in your own customized and independent jeep.

So why Ajax Off Road? Well, it’s simple! With us, you receive a modified, brand new 4×4, an easy rental process, and top-notch service. But don’t just listen to us; listen to our renters. They say that our approach is “super easy and friendly, perfect all around!” and that “this is the place to rent from if you want a Jeep in Telluride.”
So what are you waiting for? Become Ajax Off Road’s next client and prepare for what a customer says is “the most fun I’ve had on our trip to Telluride.”